Available Forms for Surrey Practices

Please view and demo the following forms from the list below.

These can be added to practice websites upon request and are able to be amended further where needed.

Certain elements of the forms are set to be viewed by logged in users of the dashboard only (practice staff), for example some score fields. These will not show up on this demo website but all considerations have been made so that the forms are comprehensive.

  • Get Help for any Health Problem with Triage
    This form has been built with several conditions in mind. The system will filter out requests based on age, sex and conditions selected. If you enter a date of birth making a patient over 18, you will get all additional conditions and fewer with ages less than 13 and 2 years. Health reviews will appear based on conditions selected and the answers provided. Advice will appear based on some of the responses given, a patient over 50 with a headache and jaw pain when eating is an example of this.